Editorial #10 – Bright and bold red lipstick and a soft wallpaper.

Red lipsticks, a cave and a pretty wallpaper all share one characteristic: they protect us from the seasonal cold and cheer up a world quite often not extremely pleasant. Here at ON! Storie illustration is the spirit that brightens our days of pen and words. The first edition of ON! Storie ends here, but stay tuned for the next one!

We fell for it again: beauty videos on Youtube. According to make-up artists, there’s nothing better in such a cold and dark season than a bright and bold red lipstick. Thanks, we couldn’t sleep at night wondering about it. Irony aside.

Illustration is the bright and bold red lipstick we chose at ON! Storie. It’s a daily treat, the cave keeping us warm until springs overtakes. The best part is that it’s not a seasonal shelter at all: in fact, it’s open all year round. It’s an alternative world where nothing bad can happen. Compared with the world we live – the real world, to be clear – it’s a safe anchor: for children, students and for the lovers of the New York Times’ “Opinion” section.

Between endless colours and stories as life itself, it mirrors the world around us with a soft and reassuring lens even when the topic is not the most pleasant. It makes us think. Above all, it dares us to observe reality through perfect strangers’ eyes. And that is always good exercise.

Here at ON! Storie we followed politics and finance with Stephan Schmitz and the evolution of technology with Jacob Stead; dreamed with eyes wide open with Taryn Knight and played with Brooke Smart, and laughed with Fran Menesesanimal challenge and Gemma Correll’s pugs. We drowned in the sea of colours of Maruti Bitamin and explored nature with Monika Forsberg and Ira Sluyterman Van Langeweyde; enhanced our ironic side with Jean Jullien and Nina Cosford; admired the world’s most beautiful cities with the eyes of Milla Rezanova, and the streets of New York City with Pascal Campion. We made illustration the wallpaper of our studio, here in the middle of the English countryside.

We matched our stories with illustrations of artists that we chose ad hoc, and who gave colours and shapes to ideas straight out of our pen. We interviewed them all to share with our readers what hides behind the door of a studio, and in an artist’s mind.

We hope that our editorials made you laugh and think, our interviews inspired you, and, most of all, our stories entertained you pleasantly. See you all at ON! Storie’s next edition!

The beautiful desk and typing machine illustration of this editorial feature image is by James Graham. You can visit his website here, and read the article about his work by It’s Nice That at this link