Editorial #9 – The BeautyGuru Ban

Disclaimer: this ON! Storie editorial is not meant to stop you from shopping beauty. And it’s not pro-Trump also. This editorial talks about the power of hate: in this case, towards Youtube/etc BeautyGuru’s pettiness. About refusing unachievable standards and the great sensation after a massive Fuck***. Morale of the story: don’t let them trick you.

It’s a given fact, we all need a daily dose of distraction. Youtube (Twitter/Instagram, or any portal giving a voice to people), in these cases, it’s a window open to infinity. On infinity and on the frustration of finding us surrounded by opinions of complete imbeciles, in addition to those knowing what they’re talking about.

Anyway, how mostly girls know, it’s usually after half an hour of beauty and lifestyle videos (that is, in which order to put and take away masks and serums for a baby ass complexion, and how to organize your desk in order to become the best selling author of the 21st century) that one frequently feels more upset than entertained. One quickly sums up the contents and finds that the final message stands for “embrace your imperfections”, and “perfection doesn’t exist”; in other words, the most successful marketing slogan in history that tries to mask those devils selling us useless products as our most devoted wellness allies.

No one stops hating their imperfections. Simply, one becomes too tired for continuously fighting against them. Otherwise, one can decide to struggle until death or plastic surgery overtakes. Third option, one doesn’t really care: my friends, may you be blessed.

Our original story #9 tells the experience of a classic art expert that reaches the maximum level of hate. However, it’s not towards the scar she has on her forehead that has always made her feel different and far from an unattainable beauty standard; but towards the hate itself. When one hates hating, it’s a true moment of rebirth. As in relative mathematics, the sum of two negatives results in a number above zero. A fresh start.

The moment of renunciation of the idea of perfection (that can be dictated by others or ourselves, and that can be of our looks or personality) arrives at the end of long relationship based on abuses and bullying – with ourselves. It’s an awakening in which we are not able to bear any critic or piece of advice anymore. It’s a massive fuck-you! that leads the former victim on a path of awareness and self-love and acceptance.

Of course, this is just a personal opinion. And when I say that girls are mostly aimed at (compared to boys and men) is because I belong to the category and I’m a living example of all this. Boys, if you also know what we’re talking about here, please let us know what you think!

The legend says that a point of no return comes with one’s thirties: an age in which, apparently, one’s too tired for self-sabotaging and accepts what the house has to offer, and one can focus on what really matters in order to reach an above the average/acceptable level of personal fulfilment (oneself, career, family, you name it). I believe it’s quite a bunch of us waiting for such an epiphany with honest eagerness. Especially we who grew up at the crossroads of a tech-less world and one where filters decide on life and happiness – a most confused state of the senses, and death of identity.

“Embrace your flaws” then, as slogan, can have a whole different meaning: it’s an invitation to react, to find ourselves intolerant and willing to put things in perspective. Something like “I have a penis-shaped birthmark on my cheek: but I am also running for a promotion. I’ve got no time for shit like this.” Whoever you are, we’re with you.

The beautiful typing machine of this editorial is by Marie Jones! You can see the rest of her work at this link