Editorial #7 – That big mess of a Las Vegas 2016 was.

We say “fuck new year’s resolutions”, but here’s a good one: keep your eyes on your page. Because it’s right the moment you think that everyone around you has figured out everything, that you actually realise we are all still lost, searching for our truth.  Our advice is: Just Do It. But accordingly to your very own terms.

The first day of January, even if like this year it falls on a Sunday, is the ultimate Monday: we can all start afresh. As in the case of a weekend of excess in Vegas, what happens in 2016 stays in 2016.

The first day of January is the first occasion we get to put into practice the new year good resolutions: and I don’t really know how many people still write lists and if they believe in them, but it’s sure that everyone has, secretly in mind, something they would want to see improved.

Nowadays, a very common worry is others’ opinion. Because of the terrifying pressure of social media, of “if you don’t snap it, that never happened”, the truth always seems less ours, and more theirs. It’s the others to approve; and, if that doesn’t happen, then it’s as not having the authorization to live life accordingly to personal terms. Obviously, we’re generalizing; but let’s remember that, as a disorder, it can decline to a very wide degree. After all, who has never fallen for it?

I remember how, at the beginning of last year, I decided to leave a full time job in order to start a personal project. I wanted to start writing again, after years of other duties, and the urgency was such that the preoccupation of not having enough money or an occupation came always after the anxiety due to the lack of ideas, bound to a rusty writing style and the gaze fixed on a future whose light was dim and uncertain. For up to that moment, in great London, I had always been busy with study and work; as all my friends and colleagues, I had a full time position and a pension scheme being only twenty-five years old (that according to the Italian perspective equals to cashing billions). And, after having given notice, I had become all of a sudden the black sheep of the flock: and it was terrifying!

I wrote this afternoon’s story (in “Fiction”, Fiona should have followed her instinct and lived her career in her own way) to remind myself of how different we all are, and of how each one of us has their own path to follow. Most of all, the way we want to. It is an old adage, obviously and outstandingly trivial, but true enough. Comforting, because there’s often a moment in life, in a year, or a decade of life, during which I believe it is easier than ever to feel discouraged: more than usual, that’s what I mean. We have no idea what we are busy with, we can’t remember why we started, and where the hell it will lead us; we ask ourselves what friends think of us, and we despair thinking that they really are on the right road, everything under control. Without remembering that no one has ever something under control: we are all the same, insecure and worried at the same level (millennials, you hear me?)

Especially when one’s dream is to live and work out of creativity, the comparison with those with a steady life rises. Art life transcends centuries, it’s a profession that knows no evolution when it boils down to daily pragmatism: who paints today I’m sure has the same concerns of an Impressionist.

For this reason, a good 2017 resolution here at ON! Storie is to keep our eyes on our page. Whatever declination, range, or shade. Happy 2017!

The beautiful typing machine that makes our editorial #7 more cheerful and glamorous this week is an artwork of Caitlin McGauley! You can follow her on Instagram or visit her web page at this link.