Editorial #6 – When even Donald Trump turns out to be a good role model (even Philippa Foot might agree on that).

The law of the jungle teaches that only the strongest survives. Ruthless, liars and up to anything, these are the leaders of the world in 2016 (hypocrisy’s out of the office ‘till further notice). Perhaps the time has come to be more open-minded than ever, and inspired by the fittest winners.

The question is as follows: would you be willing to lie to your significant other everyday for six months if that made him or her make a choice that you know would bring permanent happiness in your relationship?

In other words: does the end justify the means? And, above all, what happens when are the young to nurture such a doubt?

Let’s admit it: in the world we live in the bad guys always win. It’s not a Disney movie, and it’s a pretty shitty world; and that until now divine justice hasn’t given proof of outstanding integrity. The young are taught always to do the right thing, to fight for truth and greater good. They’re all admirable causes, but as life strategies their results are disputable. What would happen if we left these goodness & justice parables to the theoretical world and we looked at the bad guys a bit more, instead, for our goals’ pragmatic delight? Why, when something really important is at stake and we know we cannot afford to lose it, don’t we mimic the worst human cases? One just has to look at them: they’ve got all they want. They grabbed it without too much effort, and they don’t hold particular regrets. To them, the end does justify the means, for sure.

Of course, the end we are talking about has nothing to do with the personal. It’s not a case of selling one’s child to get money for a new car. It’s what’s essential to guarantee when one gets to the last stage of patience and despair; when there’re no trust and faith left to listen to empty promises; when all that one sees is an endless desert with no life signs at the horizon.

We are talking about coups d’état in dying countries, planning our oppressor’s death, taking the responsibility to act on behalf of someone unable to understand and take action. This is in some ways what happens in our new story, and the repercussions that this philosophy has on a young group of fighters at work for a better future.

Because, after all, it makes sense for the generation that had it all to be the one teaching us about fighting for the good, playing-it-safe, and that evil will always be punished. Too bad that today’s youth has no time to lose with such hypocrisies. One only has to hope that the end and means for which we are ready to close our eyes are all really, and without any doubt, worth it.

Katie Mac aka Popcorny is the illustrator behind our sixth typing machine. You can visit her blog, or follow her work via her agency NB Illustration on their Instagram and Twitter pages.