Editorial #3 – The charming life of Mr Four-eyes

Each one of us has two identities, one real and one virtual. If the former is relevant less than ever, today, one wonders how the technology of our second life will evolve. For example, tomorrow we might be touching Mars grounds, or solving war conflicts sitting naked on our sofas. But these are just small ideas.

This week illustrator, Jacob Stead, is one of many artists inspired by technology and its constant evolution. How you’ll have the chance to read more in depth on our Thursday Q&A, Jacob refers particularly to Virtual Reality.

V.R. as a technology attracts creative personalities busy in different fields. As Robert Stromberg (filmmaker, designer and special effect artist) shared with Vogue in the “The world is not enough” feature by Nicole Mowbury (Vogue UK November 2016), “[Virtual Reality] will

not only save time, but can also give people the chance to do things and experience places they would have never thought possible in their lifetime”. “It will soon be feasible for a class of kids to put on headsets and visit the moon or the Colosseum”, he added. Furthermore, when asked if it could put an end to plane travel, Stromberg said “You will have that option”.

In what way is Virtual Reality linked to our week story? Without giving too much away, our short story tells about an historic discovery and the resulting conflicts. How story teaches us (at least, z quality history popular in Western schools), to a big discovery, being that scientific or technological, will inevitably follow the enrichment of those with the biggest nuclear armament to the disadvantage of the party aiming to share the resource democratically for the common good.

Now, let’s try to imagine what to ship to Virtual Reality such a scenario would mean. Wars would be fought by professional gamers on computer screens. Every army would see its human resources increase to the thousands and there would be a queue for enlistment and, even more, for training. Moreover, it would be the end of bombed and destroyed countries, whole cities levelled to the ground, genocides and traditional terrorism. The Middle East would be the green oasis that gave birth to the first civilizations again and no one would be scared to visit the heart of Africa anymore. To bring all the human tragedies to an alternative reality to live in a clean and accessible world; to bring all disagreements far away in the ether and leave those uninvolved to experience a quiet existence on Earth. UN members would meet in a big pair of goggles, perhaps while sitting in their underwear on a comfy sofa.

It would be the end of Skype and any airplane company, and men could say to have done every imaginable thing in a life without even doing anything, just sitting and staring at something that doesn’t exists. Anyway, sounds like the natural evolution of the life we’re currently living.

The beautiful vintage typewriter as featured image is an artwork by Lindsay Tingstrom. You can visit her website here or Instagram page here.