HANNAH PECK loves theatre design, is inspired by space and Sir Quentin Blake and she would be up to moving to the Scandinavian fjords and live off of cloudberries and FIKA. ON! Storie asked her 10 questions: come and meet the brilliant illustrator of our second original story.

Hannah, where are you writing from?

I’m writing from my flat above a cheese shop in Brighton. I can see the sea!

How does your home town inspire you?

Apart from Brighton’s wonky houses, cobbled lanes and street art, I’d say it’s the people I’ve met here. Everyone seems to be working on Their Thing, regardless of money or guaranteed success. Office workers write novels on their lunch break, library receptionists are freelance illustrators, kid’s pastors whittle wooden spoons and unsuspecting friends are recording EP’s. This city gives you permission to unashamedly try, because creativity is important. (Also, there are loads of hilarious people here like ladies who walk ferrets and topless rollerbladers.)

If you didn’t live in Brighton, where would you like to be located and why? 

I know it’s very en-vogue at the moment, but probably somewhere in Scandinavia. I would happily pay 50% tax if it meant I got to eat cloudberries and waft around the fjords lip-synching Bjork all day (because that is what happens in Scandinavia, right?) Also, fika!

What are your major sources of inspiration?

How spaces make us feel – both the expansive and the cosy and intimate. I moved a lot as a kid so I think the concept of home has always been magnetic for me.

Who are your all-time favorite illustrators?

At the moment I’m really into narrative illustrators like Julia Sardà, Rebecca Green and, of course, Quentin Blake.

If you could pursue a career in another art related field, what would that be? 

Oh, so many. Theatre design has always fascinated me, as has interior design. Anything to do with space and visuals. Either that or use my ancient Casio keyboard to make sweet, sweet music. 

Which colours or tools could you never do without?

My Wacom tablet.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Pretend to understand documentaries about space and time, make meals for people, read, write and church.

Do you have a motto that always cheers you up and keeps you going?

It’s probably more the rush I get when I’m making something that keeps me picking up the pencils.

What advice would you give to any budding freelance illustrators?

Don’t spend time fretting about your ‘style’ and comparing it to other illustrators. Focus instead on what you want to communicate and, most importantly, what feels good to create! Limit the time you expose yourself to other people’s work. Instagram in particular can be very overwhelming.

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