JULIA BERECIARTU is the talented artist behind the illustrations of “Possibilities”. From Spain to Finland, bike rides to the pleasure of a good coral red and good tips for wannabe illustrators, ON! Storie asked her 10 questions. Welcome to the first Q&A of our kick-off edition.

Julia, where are you writing from?

I’m writing from Madrid, the city where I’ve been living for the past thirteen years.

How does your city inspire you?

It’s a very busy city with open and friendly people. I like people watching, it’s the best source of inspiration for me. We also have some of the best museums in the world, well worth a visit if you’re feeling low on inspiration.

If you didn’t live in Madrid, where would you like to be located and why?

I would say a city closer to the sea and nature. Madrid is great for many reasons, but I miss the greenery and the openness of the sea so much! I visited Helsinki a couple of years ago and I’d love to live there for a while. It’s either that, or going back to my hometown in the north of Spain, San Sebastian.

What are your major sources of inspiration?

Being around nature, movies and good TV shows, vintage photography, to name a few.

Name three illustrators that today you think are doing a great job.

Wow, I know so many talented illustrators that it’s very hard to choose! But if I had to pick three that right now inspire me to be a better illustrator, I’d say Isabelle Arsenault, Kali Ciesemier and Vera Brosgol.

What’s your favourite drawing technique?

A mix of watercolours and gouache.

Which colors could you never do without?

Turquoise blue, light yellow, bright green and coral.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I love going on long bike rides, mostly into the big parks we have here in Madrid. Nothing clears up my mind better and gives me more energy than riding my bike. I work from home, so anything that means going out and meeting friends is very welcome. But I also unwind by catching up on my favourite TV shows with a glass of wine.

Do you have a motto that always cheers you up and keeps you going?

Being a freelance illustrator is a career with lots of ups and downs, so as my late grandfather used to say, “To resist is to win”.

One advice for wannabe freelance illustrators.

If someone asks you to work for free in exchange of “lots of exposure”, run in the opposite direction.

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