Editorial #1 – Always Forward

About announcing the start of new projects, the power of enthusiasm, the lightness of failure and putting everything in perspective. Experiment, have fun. Welcome to ON! Storie‘s very first editorial.

It’s always best to be very cautious when announcing the start of a new project. It’s curious, but the more the author is a creative, the less it will be taken seriously. Among the many common objections, usually proceeded by a disbelieving sigh, is “another one of your ideas” or “you’ll grow tired of it in a week”.

For how we at ON! Storie see it, it’s always better to have oneself abandoned to the energy of the enthusiasm and go and see what it can become; even if, as a chance, it might eventually translate into a long and rich series of failures.

At the moment when we sat down to identify our public or, in other words, to whom such a philosophy would apply best, we aimed for the twenty to thirty-something of today.  Those who are spoiled by the thousands of life options; there, ready to be used. If we allow ourselves to generalize, those individuals who experiment the most, bringing innovation to their society and setting themselves free from the chains of the past. Those are the people determined to build their own future and that of the field they operate in.

Nevertheless, the truth is that there is not one single target audience that couldn’t make this brave and dynamic lifestyle its own: at least, not in 2016.

To experiment, to find something new to be passionate for, to give a twist to the routine, dramatically or mildly, it’s the intention that counts. It is part of our very essence as human beings and is what pushes forward the evolution of our species. Such change might be in one’s career, or materialize as a new hobby or hairstyle; but it doesn’t really matter what changes, to just do it will be enough. As any respectable personal trainer will always be happy to remind his disciples, a body in movement stays in movement. This applies to our minds as well.

For us at ON! Storie, fiction and illustration have always been our passions. Over the years, we have studied them and played with them in different fashions, so to give them a new, refreshed definition. Perhaps even a brand new look, according to the project of the moment. We have combined our fiction and illustration to various other disciplines to see what new directions could open up for them to blossom.

At the end, after many tries and many errors, we went back to the pure and simple basics: text and image. Our love for writing, stories and the fantastic world dwelling behind every layer or color is what encouraged us to launch our platform.

As the moral of our first story, “Possibilities”, tells, the motto we stick to is to trust one’s ideas and choices. It is always worth it; even more if one thinks that there is only one thing to do, independently from results. Did it go wrong? Forget the past, look to the future. Did it go according to plan? Even better, let’s move forward, always forward, on to the next one, let’s bring life to new ideas.

The world in 2016 offers so much that, most of the time, one feels overwhelmed, drunk, numb. Though it is impossible to resist the urge to try, take chances! All one needs is a pinch of courage, crossed fingers and a good laugh. After all, we’re just a small dot in the history of the universe. With an end already decided, the best we can do is to see a half full glass: the more often we do, the better.

The beautiful vintage typewriter as featured image is an artwork by Jessica Brilli.